Social Media and your chances of GETTING a JOB

Did you know that many employers these days google candidates before making a hiring decision? Facebook is not only a job search tool. It’s also something recruiters and hiring managers use to qualify or disqualify candidates. That's why there are a few things to consider when you are using social media sites.

  • Posting inappropriate content
    Posting inappropriate photos: The danger for the job seeker is that you may not want a hiring manager to see certain pictures.
  • Being too vocal in your viewpoints
    Your viewpoints could be another red flag for hiring managers. While you’re entitled to your opinions, if you’re overly vocal and outrageous in your comments, it may scare away some employers who do not agree with your viewpoints.

    Avoid loud political arguments online or posting vitriolic attacks on other people. If you are being loud, insupportable, or mean online, the assumption is you’ll be loud and insupportable in the workplace too.

  • Over sharing
    Telling everyone every little thing you are doing, thinking, reading, watching, listening to; can be a big problem, even for the non-job seeker.
    Not only are your friends and family on your social networks, your future coworkers and supervisors will be there, too.

    Try to direct your social media conversations to those people, rather than your friends and family. If your friends and family are the types who want to know every personal detail of your life, share it via email, not your networks.

If you follow some basic professional etiquette, you will find you will get a much better response from the people you are trying to impress, rather than if you drop your guard and post things you may regret later.

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