Mentorship for Internationally Trained Individuals!

A mentorship refers to the relationship between an experienced (local professional, Accountant, Engineer, Information Technologist, Healthcare, etc.) who has been working in the Canadian workplace for a minimum of three years, and a less experienced individual (internationally trained individual) who has education/experience from his/her country of origin, but lacks the Canadian experience. 

What does that mean to you? If you are an Internationally Trained Individual who is struggling to integrate into the Canadian Workplace, you might want to consider finding a Mentor who can provide you with guidance and advice on best practices to integrate into the Canadian Workplace. What can a Mentor do for you? Help you...

  • Improve your professional English Skills and Workplace Communication
  • Learn how to integrate into the Canadian Workplace Culture
  • Set better goals helping you discover what you really want, using your own principles, requirements and dream as a starting point
  • Reach your goals sooner providing a reliable structure of support and offering pioneering strategies to reach the goal
  • Make important changes focusing on areas such as business, career and quality of life
  • Get ahead professionally using career progress strategies, reputation-building methods and business development tactics
  • Make better decisions
  • Have someone to collaborate with

How can you get started?Contact the Workplace Connections Mentoring Program at MOSAIC to connect with a Volunteer Mentor.


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