Workplace Connections Mentoring Program

Our Career Mentor Volunteers can help you move your career to Canada! 

Are you an immigrant professional job searching in Metro Vancouver? Our Career Mentors can help you move your career to Canada! 

In Workplace Connections, you have the opportunity to meet professionals in your field. Career Mentors are professionals with years of local work experience. They volunteer to help you move your career to Canada. Career Mentors work with you to:
  • develop the soft skills needed to succeed in a Canadian workplace, 
  • build professional networks, 
  • improve your professional English, Facebook logo
  • practice self-marketing techniques, and 
  • identify potential employers.

Our aim is to match you with a Career Mentor in your field for three months. Mentees and mentors usually meet once a week for two hours, at a time and place suitable to you both.

You may also meet with a Career Mentor for a one time Information Mentorship meeting.

Career Mentors regularly facilitate round table discussions about specific fields. At these events, you will meet a Career Mentor and others in your profession. 

Join our evening "Working Sessions" for an opportunity to meet  more Career Mentors, network and learn from them. Topics include: The Art of Networking, Preparing for Interview Questions, Using LinkedIn and Workplace Culture.

This program is open to Permanent Residents, with LINC Level 6 or higher. You must be are eligible to work in Canada, have a clear employment goal, and be actively seeking work.

Please complete the online application form if you are interested in participating in this program.

Client Story: 

Once a client, Now a Career Mentor

In the summer of 2007 I moved to Vancouver.  I was happy and optimistic about what future could bring and at the same time hesitant as I left behind my family, friends, and a promising career.  Shortly after started the job hunt, I noticed that the vacancies I was interested in had one common requirement – professional accounting designation. So, I joined the CGA BC Association and started working towards my designation.

While I was in the search for a job, I was advised to look into more resources to expend my network.  An acquaintance recommended MOSAIC.  That is how I learned about MOSAIC and eventually joined the Career Mentorship Program.

It didn’t take long before I was matched with my mentor.  The knowledge and experience I gained from this partnership helped to polish my business communication skills and my understanding of the corporate environment in Canada. My mentor assisted with my resume and cover letter enhancement. She provided additional support and motivation which were critical in that period of my life.  It was very valuable to me to receive constructive feedback and advices regarding my job search from a person who had known me only for a few weeks as I think that potential employers’ opinions would have been similar to my mentor’s. 

One of my goals was to integrate well and quickly into the Canadian culture.  The mentorship program at MOSAIC was another successful step towards it.  As I learnt in the past few years, volunteering is a common and an important part of the Canadian community.  This is different form the environment I came from.  Once I obtained my designation, I found myself with more available time and felt that it is my turn to give back. I am excited to return to MOSAIC and looking to become a mentor myself. I am grateful to all the people who supported me during those first few years after I moved to Canada. I wish I can make it easier for newcomers to emerge into the Canadian society, same way as it was done for me once.

Currently, I am a proud employee of a world leading company in marine services.  I work in a very dynamic and challenging atmosphere which I enjoy and which helped me grow as a professional and as a person.   In the next few years I hope to further develop and excel within the company I work for.

Julia Plamadeala

Program Information
Contact Info: 

For more information, please email

In Vancouver, please contact Milly Ting: 604.254.9626 x 295

In Burnaby, please contact Shagun Bhanot:  604.438.8214 x 106

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