Settlement Online Pre-Arrival (SOPA) Courses

Eligible applicants can sign-up for the following courses:

Soft Skills: Professional Communication (facilitated)

This course helps immigrants participate effectively in the Canadian workplace by exploring different types of interactions in the workplace and learning about culturally appropriate communication and behaviours. The course covers small talk, presentations, constructive feedback, and meetings. Click on Soft Skills: Professional Communication for more information (PDF).


Soft Skills: Working with Others (facilitated)

This course offers you the opportunity to learn about Canadian workplace culture and the effects culture has on how we communicate with each other. Participants will find readings and activities that will help develop their communication skills and prepare them for working in Canada. The course covers networking, negotiating, working with others, and conflict management. Click on Soft Skills: Working with Others for more information (PDF).


Job Search Strategies (facilitated)

Job Search Strategies provides an opportunity for immigrants to learn about the job search process. Clients learn and practice skills that make them more competitive for positions in the Canadian labour market. The course is highly interactive and involves regular contact with a facilitator with extensive experience in pre-employment training. Over six weeks, participants progress through various units. Each unit covers a different topic and involves readings, case studies, activities, assignments, videos and additional learning resources. Participants take part in group discussions to discuss relevant topics. Click on Job Search Strategies for more information (PDF).


Canadian Workplace Integration (self-directed)

This course provides information about adapting to the Canadian workplace culture. Topics include: how to adapt, the importance of communication styles, how to expand soft skills, using cultural communication, working with differences and understanding power dynamics in the Canadian workplace. Click on Canadian Workplace Integration for more information (PDF).


Working in Canada (self-directed)

This self-directed course provides critical information about working in Canada, including: workplace orientation, organizational culture, workplace protection, employment contracts, taxes, pay, written and unwritten workplace rules. Participants learn about the unique characteristics of the Canadian workplace and how to integrate effectively into their field of employment in Canada. Click on Working in Canada for more information (PDF).



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