LMI for Internationally Trained Professionals

What does LMI mean for Internationally Trained Professionals?

Labour Market Information can help you: 

  • find the jobs that are on demand
  • understand job prospects in various occupations and industries
  • find information on how to get back into your field
  • learn how and where to apply for a job
  • make a career decision by understanding the  what's needed for various  job opportunities

Labour Market Information is a variety of information on careers, occupations, and learning. When we talk about the labour market, we are referring to all the people who are able to work in relation to the number of jobs available in a particular area and all the jobs that are available in that area. It includes information such as: job descriptions, industry  trends, required skill-sets for the job market, wages and working conditions, standards and qualifications, job openings and unemployment rates, labour market programs and labour regulations  Who else uses LMI?

  • Employers: to identify and locate potential employees and to ensure wage rates and working conditions are competitive 
  • Governments: to understand and respond effectively to trends in the labour market and the economy

Where to Find Labour Market Information for BC?

For more information contact NortheastESC@mosaicbc.com or call 604 708 9300

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