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Festival MOSAIC 2011 Highlights

Orkestar Slivovica

Orkestar Slivovica.jpg

Music that originated at Balkan wedding parties (that can sometimes go on for days). Steeped in Eastern European tradition and the music of the Roma people who wandered across Europe and Asia picking up musical influences as they went.

Jacky Essombe Village with Kurai on marimba and a djembe drummer

Jacky Essombe.jpg

Jacky Essombe is a 'cultural liaison' between the African and the Western worlds. Her passion for her culture has inspired her to become a professional dancer, dance teacher, storyteller, and TV and radio show host. She uses dance as a medium to express life to its fullest and also as a journey to a higher level of consciousness. She loves to share the traditions, culture and wisdom of her ancestors, and she truly believes that the Western world can benefit from her African heritage.



Karen Flamenco

Karen Flamenco.jpg

Flamenco is the passionate dance and music of Spain's Andalucia region. As one of Canada’s elite professional flamenco dancers, Karen Pitkethly is the face of flamenco in Vancouver. She is a life-long dancer, extensively trained in ballet, contemporary, and flamenco dance. Her dance company can be seen throughout the city, spicing up events such as the 2009 Komasket Music Festival, Olympic 2010 Surrey Celebration Site, and the 2010 Canadian Cancer Society Diamond Ball. Karen will also be involved with the June 2011 production of "Moulin Rouge" (Molino Rojo) at the Centre for Performing Arts in Vancouver. Karen’s choreography graced the summer 2010’s successful Bard on the Beach production of “Much Ado About Nothing” and will be seen at the Arts Club Theatre’s fall 2010 season presentation of “Don Quixote”.

Tambura Rasa

Tambura Rasa are nominated for 2011's WCMA World Music Album of the Year. Their music explores the trade routes that linked the South Asian subcontinent, the Middle East, Mediterranean, North African and European lands. The ensemble includes Vancouver's premiere percussionist, originally from Uruguay, Pepe Danza, violin prodigy, Michael Fraser, leader Ivan Tucakov plus an authentic Egyptian belly dance performance.

Ranj Singh and the Discriminators

Ranj Singh & The Discriminators.JPG

A recent discovery, Ranj and his versatile band go where no other band has. A first for Canada, they represent a new cultural cross-roads between Canadiana/Americana folk roots and South Asian cultural traditions. Think Neil Young meets Ravi Shankar, with flavors of sitar and tabla mixed in with beautifully crafted western melodies. Instantly accessible.



This will be an absolute show stopper. Her performances have wowed crowds since we introduced her new trio at the WorldBeat Stage in June. Kytami is a violinist extremist. Perhaps Canada’s most diverse and engaging fiddle player, she is an unbelievably energetic performer. Kytami can bound between classical and Celtic fiddle styles, match them to heavy bass and electronic dance beats. With her abilities, style and devilish smile, she has won over audience after audience, appearing at most major festivals across Canada and in the Western U.S. as well as performing overseas in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Berlin and Dubai. Kytami has toured extensively with the multi-cultural, award winning band Delhi 2 Dublin.

Festival MOSAIC Co-Hosts

Fred Lee

FredLee.jpgFred Lee's fabulous sense of humour and unique style makes him our 'Man About Town.' The Social Butterfly steps out with Rick Cluff every Monday morning on CBC Radio One's The Early Edition to share all Vanhattan's A-list happenings, red carpet parties, must-attend galas and fabulous fundraisers. Fred's weekly social column 'Fred UnLEEshed' appears in the Vancouver Courier Wednesdays and Fridays and his National Post 'City Life' column appears Saturday. Fred on the Town appears weekly for TV Week. An advocate for the arts, Fred is also the resident theatre reviewer for Urban Rush with Fiona Forbes and Michael Eckford.

Fred, along with fellow CBC colleague Margaret Gallagher, hosted the national CBC Radio One food show Flavour of the Week. When not gala-vanting, Fred is an Associate Director, Alumni Engagement at the University of British Columbia

Cal Koat

cal2.jpgI’ve been working the past thirty years in Greater Vancouver radio, twenty-five of those specifically in multicultural broadcasting, most notably as International Program Director of 96.1 FM, CHKG and AM 1470, CJVB, Fairchild Radio and executive producer of world.beats on Channel M.

I was instrumental in the application and acquisition of Fairchild Media Group’s license for AM 1430, CHKT, Toronto and wrote the programming format for 96.1 FM, affectionately known as ‘The World’ which for three years, until October 31st, 2000 grew a loyal and enthusiastic audience as North America’s ‘very first commercial FM world beat radio station’. I have been presented with the Canadian Association Of Broadcaster’s highest honor for Canadian Talent Development, The Gold Ribbon Award, recognizing 96.1 FM’s World Music Spectacular for excellence in the promotion and development of Canada’s world music artists.

I manage and maintain www.worldbeatcanada.com, a repository for contemporary global music through reviews, interviews, charts and two popular weekly radio podcasts.

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