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How to Register

You can take LINC if you are a Permanent Resident, and 17 years or older. Please note that Canadian Citizens are not eligible.

Before you can enroll in a LINC program, you must complete a language assessment. 

Step 1 - Completing an Assessment

  1. Photocopy your relevant Canadian Status Document. For more information on applicable documents, please refer to the LINC brochure and application form, which can be downloaded from the Download Information section.
  2. Bring the form and relevant documents to the Assessment and Referral Centre:

    Western ESL Services
    Room 208-2525 Commercial Dr.
    Vancouver, B.C.
    V5N 5R4
    Phone: 604 876 5756

  3. Complete your LINC Assessment
  4. Your LINC Assessment document will be required when registering

Step 2 - Registering for a LINC Program

1.   Gather the following documents:

  • Your Identification (Permanent Resident Card or Government Issues of Proof of Status for those that do not have a Permanent Resident Card)
  • Your Canadian Language Benchmark Report

2.   Visit one of the following MOSAIC Centres:

Brentwood Language Centre
North Burnaby Language Centre
North Shore English Language Centre
Vancouver Language Centre - LINC Levels Literacy to Level 6
Vancouver Language Centre - English for Work


    Contact Info: 

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    Download Information: 

    MOSAIC believes in providing support to clients while receiving services. Please visit our dedicated client subsection that provides information on

    • Client Rights and Responsibilities,
    • Opportunity to tell your story,
    • Client satisfaction survey, and
    • Complaints procedures...by clicking here.