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Diversity at Work Resources

Want to increase your Return on Inclusion (ROI)?

There are a multitude of benefits for businesses to achieve Return On Inclusion (ROI) to leverage themselves for success. Tapping into the economic potential that cultural diversity brings to the workforce will:

  • Help your bottom line
  • Increase productivity, innovation and creativity
  • Tap into diverse markets
  • Broaden your pool of diverse talent
  • Attract and retain a skilled labour force
  • Improve employee relations

This webpage provides your business with the essential tools, information and resources needed to attract diverse talent and foster a welcoming and inclusive workplace.

Click on any of the following links for tools and resources to help diversify your organization: 

Immigrant Service Providers (Recruitment Services at no cost to your organization):

 Network Business Associations (Support for Small Businesses):

Labor Market Information:
Recruitment Tools:
Orientation Tools:
Additional Online Resources:
Program Information
Funding Source: 

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