“MOSAIC helps us fill our vacancies right away. The individuals that we have hired have worked out very well.”

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MOSAIC Strategic Plan 2015-2020

Our Vision

Empowering newcomers to fully participate in Canadian society

Our Mission

MOSAIC delivers services and engages in community building and advocacy to facilitate meaningful participation of immigrants and refugees in Canadian society

Our Values

These values drive our relationships with clients, funders, community partners, staff and volunteers:

Excellence - We value the delivery of client-centred quality services to the community.

Innovation - We value relevant and responsive services, embracing creativity and adaptability.

Inclusion - We value and advocate for diverse voices in building community.

Commitment - We value the passion and contributions of our staff, volunteers and clients in creating a just society.

Integrity - We value accountability, transparency and ethical thoughtful decision-making.


Our Strategic Directions

  1. Progressively expand and adapt our services to meet the changing needs and demands of our clients and stakeholders.
  2. Enhance the organization’s capacity and service excellence to respond to and stay relevant in the rapidly changing environment.
  3. Actively engage key stakeholders, policy makers, employers and the public to shape public opinion, policy and practice towards a just and inclusive society.
  4. Build a healthy work environment that attracts and retains a workforce committed to excellence.
  5. Increase and diversify revenue sources to reduce the dependence on traditional government funding.